Sweet Talk 21-Day Sugar Cleanse

your willpower is no match against Sugar.

Do you wonder how you got here?  
Your clothes feel tight.
Your energy is sluggish.
Your body hurts.

You're worried about your health.
Heart Disease.
High Blood Pressure.
Stubborn Weight Issues.

And you can't stop binging on sugar and junk.

You know how to make healthier choices, but you don't do it.  
Everyday you make a promise to yourself to eat better.  Every night, you know you failed.

"sugar is eight times as addictive as cocaine"

-Dr. Mark Hyman

Look into the future.  See yourself.

Full of energy and vitality.
You love your clothes.
You love your new body.

You have conquered your addiction to the silent killer of your mind, body and spirit.

"During Wendy's Spring Cleanse my cravings went away.  As soon as I went back to my regular meals, I had cravings.  Now I know.  I understand the secret to creating healthy food choices and I see how my relationship to sugar was sabotaging my health."

—luanne | nevada, USA

Join The sweet talk 21-Day sugar cleanse 

There's no one like you.  Your cravings.  Your stress.  Your history.  Your health.

You need a program that fits your life and solves your problems.


Sweet Talk 21-Day Cleanse helps you understand that your willpower isn't enough.

You can't fail when you understand where cravings come from
and how to create healthy habits that work just for you.

What if feeling your best is wicked easy?  

What if you could....
  • Stop eating sugar and junk and love the way you feel.
  • Wake up ready for the day with tons of energy and mental clarity.
  • Improve your digestion and ease belly bloat.
  • Stop counting calories and lose weight.
  • Look forward to eating meals that satisfy and nourish.
  • Reduce inflammation and ease body pain.
  • Minimize your risk of serious illnesses.
  • Balance your blood sugar and WOW your doctor!
  • Feel beautiful in your clothes and feel confident every day.
  • Take back your health one delicious bite at a time.
Feeling your best is easier than you think.  

It's time for a little science and a lot of wisdom.  You have the power to change your life!

I'm Wendy Patrucco, a Functional Nutrition Counselor and Wellness Advocate with doTERRA.  

I believe you have the innate ability to heal, stay healthy, and find your ideal weight when you learn how to make food and lifestyle decisions that respect how your body works.

Let me show you how!

Sweet Talk Sugar Cleanse for $89.00

Starts January 28


with delicious, simple and healthy plant-based recipes that give you long-lasting
energy designed to curb sugar and junk food cravings.

with lots of individual support from me. We'll work together to customize the healthy habits that take you from struggling to succeeding.

when you realize that this is the way you're meant to feel and look.  You'll be creating vibrant health that is part of your new lifestyle, not just a fad.
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